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Types of DNA testing services

“I need a blood test.” “I need to determine paternity,” a saying that comes a lot when it comes to DNA testing. In-depth services like DNA analysis serve many more important things. We point out the featured, closest to readers through the information below.

DNA test for paternity and children

This type of DNA analysis verifies a father and son relationship between a child and the alleged father. The mother participates in the process of increasing accuracy but this is not required.

DNA samples of mothers, children and fathers suspected of matching in each gene were related by blood relation with 99.99% accuracy. If a man is questioned and the child doesn’t match the two genes, then 100% of the two have no relationship.

NIPT test

This is a method of analyzing the fetus’ free DNA in the blood to check for inherited diseases the fetus may have. Helps detect early the Down syndrome, Edwards, Patau, … and many other syndromes.

The NIPT test ensures safety and accuracy of up to 99.99% for both mother and fetus during the procedure. It is only necessary to have 7-10ml of peripheral blood of a pregnant mrj person tested for the above symptoms. Ensuring accuracy is superior to conventional tests.