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Smart Traffic Lights: Smoother City Transit

With our professional approach and dedication to excellence, Eazytraffic has set benchmarks in delivering high-quality traffic lighting solutions.


"Eazytraffic Light is a professional traffic signal manufacturer, boasting an extensive collection of traffic light designs tailored for various countries' traffic systems."

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Follow the way of innovation of traffic light system with us.

Join Eazytraffic on the path to traffic light innovation and discover the positive experiences of our Eazytraffic clients through their testimonials.

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Successful Traffic Light Installations Across the World

Global Triumph highlights our worldwide achievements in delivering top-notch traffic light installations, enhancing road safety and efficiency on a global scale.


Eazytraffic, a global leader in traffic management solutions, has successfully completed over 1,000 traffic lighting projects worldwide, showcasing its expertise and commitment to enhancing road safety and efficiency.


Eazytraffic offers a diverse range of traffic lighting solutions, catering to both wholesale and OEM needs. They specialize in crafting unique traffic lights tailored to individual system requirements, ensuring optimized traffic management.

Our Team

Awesome team behind us.

Eazytraffic Have A Team with 20-Years Design and Manufacturer Engineers Focus on Traffic Lights and System

Sales Manager in Eazytraffic

Nathan Yang

Sales Manager

Oversea Sales Manager in Eazytraffic

Monica Cheng

Oversea Sales Manager

Engineer Manager in Eazytraffic

Mick Ma

Engineer Manager

Trusted by 60 world-class brands and organizations of traffic industrial company

Eazytraffic Light is trusted by 60 top traffic system brands and organizations worldwide.

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Eazytraffic has executed traffic lighting projects globally, marking its presence in countries like the United States, Germany, France, Philippines , Indonesia , the United Kingdom, Malaysia , India and more.

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