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Catering to diverse requirements, Eazytraffic Light combines advanced technology with innovative designs to ensure that road users benefit from clear, reliable, and safe signaling. For those seeking a dependable traffic lighting supplier, Eazytraffic Light is undeniably a top choice.

Who we are

Smart Traffic Lights: Smoother City Transit

With our professional approach and dedication to excellence, Eazytraffic has set benchmarks in delivering high-quality traffic lighting solutions.


"Eazytraffic Light is a professional traffic signal manufacturer, boasting an extensive collection of traffic light designs tailored for various countries' traffic systems."

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Trusted by 60 world-class brands and organizations of traffic industrial company

Eazytraffic Light is trusted by 60 top traffic system brands and organizations worldwide.

What we do

Custom Any Traffic Single Lights for Your Traffic Light System



01. Design and Shape of Traffic Lights

Explore the aesthetics and functionality of traffic lights, where design meets safety in guiding vehicles and pedestrians.
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02. Brightness of Traffic Lights

Dive into the luminescence of traffic lights, ensuring clear visibility and safety across varying ambient conditions.
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03. Color of Traffic Light

Delve into the bespoke color specifications in OEM traffic lights, tailored to seamlessly integrate with various traffic systems and standards.
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IP Grade

04. IP Grade of Traffic Modules

Explore the OEM IP (Ingress Protection) grades for traffic modules, ensuring tailored robustness against dust and water in diverse environments.
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05. Input &Output Voltage of Traffic Light

Can be 12V or 24V, AC85-240V etc, Also It can be connected to city power or solar power with a battery backup.
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06. Function of Traffic Light

Uncover the tailored functionalities in OEM traffic lights, designed to cater to specific traffic management needs and regional requirements.
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Successful Traffic Light Installations Across the World

Global Triumph highlights our worldwide achievements in delivering top-notch traffic light installations, enhancing road safety and efficiency on a global scale.

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Follow the way of innovation of traffic light system with us.

Join us on the path to traffic light innovation and discover the positive experiences of our Eazytraffic clients through their testimonials.

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OEM & Wholesale Traffic Lights, Traffic System Device

Discover Eazytraffic’s comprehensive range of OEM and wholesale traffic lights and system devices – your one-stop solution for quality and customization from a trusted factory supplier.

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Our value

Let’s build the smarter city with innovation traffic light and system

Join Eazytraffic in crafting a safer, smarter city through innovative traffic light solutions and advanced systems.

Professional Expert

Leading the way with expertise and knowledge in the traffic light industry.

Technology & Innovations

Pioneering advancements that redefine the future through cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Premium Support

Offering top-tier assistance and guidance, ensuring your traffic lights needs are met with excellence.

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